The Bachelor . . .

I don’t watch a lot of TV and I’m not promoting the idea of watching the Bachelor. It’s more of timely way to look at a lesson on success. I happened to catch a snippet of a well known talk show and I’m glad I did because it brought to light a current way to illustrate one of the main reasons why people fail in their quest for success. It started with a discussion on the View.

This was not a recent episode, it was one where Elizabeth Hasselbeck was discussing the Bachelorette, which I believe ended last year sometime.  However, since it was brought to my attention that today is the season finale of the Bachelor, I dug up my notes and would like to share what was discussed on the View and also how it relates to success.

Elizabeth did some math and realized that by watching both the Bachelor and the Bachelorette that she spent 24,000 minutes of her time to do so.

Whoopie Goldberg then hit the nail on the head. She said “you won’t get that time back.”

Whoopie is right, that time is gone, forever.  And since time is here for us to invest in whatever we choose to invest it in, the question becomes, are you choosing wisely?

We have the same amount of time that Bill Gates has and that Ben Franklin had, and the same as every other successful person has had, but once it’s gone, it’s gone, so it’s what you do with it that counts. What do you think Steve Jobs does with his time? Can you see him telling his staff to put the latest Apple product design meeting on hold so he can rush home to see who gets the final rose?  And before you say “yeah, but he runs a huge company” keep in mind that he certainly didn’t get there by wasting his time.

If you’re watching these so called reality shows then you’re watching a show about other people’s lives rather than truly living your own. Isn’t there something else that you can do to be more productive that will improve your life? I can assure that just the act of working towards a goal or dream can have a major impact on your future in a positive way. Whether it’s financial or not, working towards a goal will make you feel better about yourself. There’s a feeling that you’re accomplishing something.  Now many people will say that watching this or any other TV show isn’t really a big deal, but the question is how many are you watching and how does that impact your life?

I did the math and Elizabeth Hasselbeck invested  16.6 days of her life on just that one show. That’s not much over the course of 8 seasons of the Bachelor franchise, but statistics show that the average American watches four hours of television each day, FOUR HOURS.

If you do the math that equals out to SIXTY full days per year that most people spend watching television.

This doesn’t include the time spent on the internet and other things that don’t really add value to our lives. Can this be a clue as to why so many people are not as successful as they say they want to be?

They are essentially wasting their own time.

“I’m always amazed that people will actually choose to sit in front of the television and just be savaged by stuff that belittles their intelligence.” ~Alice Walker

For Elizabeth Hasselbeck, keeping up with the current television relates to her job as a talk show host so it isn’t really wasted in her case, but what does watching TV do for you? Is it really that entertaining? Do you feel fulfilled or accomplished afterward?

If you properly utilize your time, you properly utilize your life. Give “the rose” to your spouse or family, give them the gift of time.  Free up just one hour every day and invest in your dreams, goals or desires and start to create and live your own reality, not the reality of a TV show.

Rob Liano
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