How Now Brown Cow

Let’s pretend that you were a cow. Not just any old cow, but a cow with two distinct choices in its personality type.

1. The NOW Cow

2. The HOW Cow

First let’s take a look at the two different cows.

The NOW Cow

The NOW Cow makes statements like this: “I can’t do this right NOW.” Or “Right NOW, my bills are out of control.” Or, “NOW, what do I do?”

The HOW Cow

The HOW Cow, on the other hand sounds like this: “HOW can I make this relationship work?” Or, “HOW can I make more money” Or, “HOW can I help you?”

Forget NOW, ask HOW!

The NOW Cow mindset keeps you stuck, right where you are, right NOW.

The HOW Cow mindset can provide a solution, a way to get to where you want to go. It can show you HOW to change things.

The HOW Cow thinks, the NOW Cow stinks. (insert manure joke here)

A HOW Cow will create goals and then devise the plans to carry them out. It takes planting seeds, and planting them every day. Then over time you will reap the benefit.

I’m sure you’ve heard the biblical phrase “As ye sow, so shall ye is reap.” This statement is a fact, an undeniable fact. Whether you choose to dismiss it or not, doesn’t change the law of sowing and reaping. You are sowing on a daily basis, the question is what are you sowing? Are you sowing HOW or NOW?

Yes, you do need to take care of certain things NOW so don’t simply disregard anything of urgent nature.  But what if one year ago you had thought of HOW to improve whatever situation you were in that needed improvement? You probably would have corrected it or improved it by NOW and therefore wouldn’t be as worried about NOW. I ask because the odds are that you’re still in that situation from a year ago, or one similar, right NOW.

Consistent action yields consistent results. What are you doing consistently?

The good news is this: the odds are stacked in your favor that you already have the tools you need in order to plant the seeds to create change. They are readily available to you, all you need is a HOW mentality.

Here are some resources that you may be able to tap into:

  • Tools & technology
  • Training & Skills
  • Books & Seminars
  • Videos & DVD’s
  • Blogs & Newsletters
  • Pastors, priests, rabbis or other teachers

If you already have the tools, but you’re stuck in the mud like a NOW Cow, maybe you’re discouraged or have a misconception about planting (perseverance and faith) and harvesting.

Earl Shoaff said:

“Have you ever seen a farmer who plants a seed, and then two months later digs it up to see if it’s growing? That’s a total lack of faith.”

Have you ever seen someone “try” to see if an opportunity will work by going only halfway in just to test the waters. They think by being cautious (out of fear) it’s protecting them from failure and they never realize that this is actually causing them to fail. By not giving it (or themselves) a fair chance can and will create failure. Isn’t that sowing and reaping? If they gave it 100% would they be worse off than they are currently? No, it’s more likely they’ll be better off because they gave it their all, and that leads to success. Even if they did fail,  it feels a lot better failing when you did your best than failing without giving 100%, because that only leads to regret.

Isn’t it worth taking a shot at ending up in a better position? And HOW it is!

My thoughts are this. A farmer plants a seed that won’t reap anything (tangibly) for months at a time, yet they have faith that if they plant, sow, and persevere, that they will reap a harvest, not every time because there are outside factors involved, like weather, but more often than not, they produce something valuable because the farmer employs a formula. They do not neglect the land, and then still expect a crop. They do not plant oranges and expect apples. Nor do they expect the orange right NOW. Success takes time and action.

So what do you expect? Success or failure? Which seeds are you planting, and what are you getting in return? I’ll bet it’s one and the same.

You should take some time to figure out HOW you can succeed. Write down all that would be necessary to achieve success in your field or whatever you choose. Make it as descriptive as possible and dive in, plant the seeds and you will reap a reward.

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
1.855.832.ROCK (7625)

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