Slam Dunk!

During a discussion on a Internet forum, a salesman happened to mention that he had a Nerf Basketball Hoop set up in his office. I don’t recall what we were initially discussing, knowing me it was probably about sales training, however, I do remember that the child within me (or maybe group of children) kicked into overdrive and I went  directly to, did not pass go, did not collect $200 and I purchased a Nerf Hoop of my own.

Okay it was a total impulse buy, but for me, this was a no brainer.

A Lesson Learned: AKA The no brain part of the no brainer

So the Nerf Basketball Hoop arrived in record time (I’m an amazon prime member) and I suppose the combination of being very excited plus being a male, led me to commit a common mistake. I tried to put the Nerf Hoop together without reading the directions.

I’m sure many of the ladies out there can attest to how men are with directions, right? Can you blame me?  This was a toy for kids, I mean, how hard could it be? Well, shamefully I’ll admit that I almost broke the thing!!

Not kidding


Really, I mean it.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, there was this random metal clip and the hoop was like a spider web of intrigue. I gave up, sighed, put what was left of my ego aside, broke down and read the instructions. And miraculously, after only about 5 lines of instructions and 5 or 10 minutes, swish, nothing but net, I was successful! It went together perfectly. Imagine that.

So how does this relate to sales and success?

I speak with many people who struggle with their careers and want to be more successful, and the reason they are failing is often because of exactly what I mentioned earlier about the Nerf Hoop, they say ‘It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.” And the reality is this:

They are trying to put a career together without any instruction, or with minimal guidance or direction.

By ignoring the instructions I almost broke the Nerf Hoop. By not following instructions in your career you might end up broke. You must follow the directions. If other people have been successful in your chosen field, figure out how they did it and then replicate it.  If for some reason your business or job didn’t come with directions, find them!

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

You can be adaptable and open to new technology or opportunity and possibly improve on an existing model, but you rarely, if ever, have to recreate an entire process. It’s easier to emulate what works and ultimately costs a lot less in time, discouragement and money if you  simply learn from those who already made the mistakes and forged the way.

Brian Tracy said this: “No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals.”

Can you imagine trying to fix your car without really knowing what to do, without ever having been taught? Even if you have a natural ability or interest in something, you’d still have to find out how to do it correctly, wouldn’t you?

You’d have to learn what to do, in order to do it successfully. Why not learn how, starting now?

It doesn’t matter how long you’re at your job, there’s probably room for improvement. There are trainers, books, schools, seminars, online courses and resources, covering just about anything and everything that you could imagine, need or want. Seek it out and destroy the competition by becoming better than they are. If your manager doesn’t teach you how, then teach yourself how. It is entirely up to you, you are responsible for your success whether it’s in sales or otherwise. Do not let anything stand in your way and always use resistance to your advantage.

Now back to the fun house!

This is where the Nerf Hoop comes back in to play (pun intended) and why I recommend you get one for your office or at least something like it, meaning something fun. Because it helps to break up the day.

If you get a little stressed, feel worn out, overworked or frustrated, just shoot some hoops!

  • Create trick shots (off the back of the boss’ head* and swish!) to relieve tension.
  • See how many free throws you can successfully sink out of ten attempts and make it a running challenge, just don’t get caught up in major competitions and forget about getting back to work.
  • Try it blindfolded, after all it’s only a Nerf Basketball.

Whatever you choose, create that mini mental vacation. By the way, my personal best is successfully sinking 7 out of 10 free throws. Any challengers? Seriously, this is a very useful idea because having a quick break is always beneficial. It clears your head, changes your mood and allows you to get back down to business feeling fresher because of it.

John Dobb said Shut down brain, pause as necessary, restart brain . . .

What a great idea. Take a momentary break from the busyness of our day but be sure that you don’t get caught up and waste time. Get back to work and focus on your goals.

*Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility if you actually hit your boss in the head, and those actions lead to your termination. : )-

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
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