Go Towards the Light (wait, not like that)

When someone says “go towards the light” it usually makes most people think of death. Even though we know that light generally means life, this saying has been seduced by the dark side.

How about we look at this phrase in a more positive light. : )-

The picture you see above is an enormous field of sunflowers, said to be over 5 million of them. Do you notice that all of these sunflowers are facing the same way? It’s as if the photographer said “say cheese” and they all checked their make up and then posed for the camera.

How is this possible?

Well if you don’t know this already, there’s a cool phenomenon where plants grow in the direction of the sun, going so far as to actually bend towards the light, also known as phototropism.  It’s the same thing that causes houseplants to lean towards the window and trees to branch out over the road. In fact, the will to grow is sometimes so powerful in nature that in the woods you’ll see fallen trees turn at their tips and grow upright again. That is quite amazing!

I guess a tree will never say this, will it?

Let’s get back to our sunflowers. Throughout the day, they follow the path of the sun across the sky. Basically, the upper portion of the plant looks for a sunny spot and tries to reach out towards it.  This enables its leaves to receive the light energy required for the process of photosynthesis. This is critical to the plant’s growth.

Now here’s my question to you:

What is vital to your growth and are you following that path every day?

If you aren’t growing then you’re dormant. And we, being creative creatures, don’t respond well to our growth being stunted. You know how it makes you feel, as if you’re just going through the motions, frustrated, accomplishing next to nothing significant, and that usually leaves you feeling dissatisfied.

If you want to get on the fast track you can try any of following that might pertain to your specific growth:

Whichever it is, you have to commit to personal growth, everyday.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” ~Albert Einstein.

I believe Einstein phrased it this way because intellectual strength is far more powerful, and can be sustained much longer than physical strength. Your muscles will only last so long but the mind has the ability to go on even if you were lying in bed, physically exhausted.  In fact if not for your brain, you wouldn’t be able to command your body to go that extra mile, or get up and shut the bathroom light would you? The brain delivers the messages to the body, so start exercising and strengthening  your brain!

I also firmly believe that we should focus on the aspect of personal growth, because personal growth equates to positive growth in all areas of your life. Your business will improve, your relationships will improve and so on. But in order for you to grow, you must honestly assess what area or areas need improvement.

  • Relationships
  • Tardiness
  • Education
  • Exercise
  • Addiction
  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Procrastination
  • Diet
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Fill in the ______

Before you dismiss this as a painful undertaking (growing pains) please keep in mind that as an added bonus, with growth, there comes a sense of accomplishment.  So, depending on your personal growth plan, as you grow, you feel good, or, you look good, or, you just get good, and it’s all good!

Take a moment to think about how you can start reaching toward the light so that you can thrive, and then immediately plan it and act on it. And please remember,  if whatever it is you plan on accomplishing will take a year or two, do it anyway, the time is going to pass regardless, so you may as well position yourself for future success.

It’ll be so much better than sitting in the dark.

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
1.855.832.ROCK (7625)

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The Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer, Rob Liano is a best selling author and a Certified Life Coach empowering others through Personal Development & Professional Achievement!
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