Walking in a Spider Web (The Power of Networking)

I recently submitted an entry for a Brian Tracy blog contest. Out of 500 entries I was chosen to be in the top sixty.

That’s when the real competition started. The top 60 were informed that those with the most votes would end up in the top ten.

After an all out assault on my friends and associates on Facebook and various other forms of social media, boo yah, I made the top ten. I was very excited!

That Excitement was Short Lived

We, that made the top ten, were informed that we had to continue drumming up votes and that whoever had the most votes by the newly extended deadline, would win first place. What, I had to get more votes?

I guess it would have been worse had the “world ended” before the contest did, but regardless, after investing hours in promoting and giving it my all in round one, mustering the strength for round two was very tough. I was about ready to throw in the towel.

(A tired boxer, get it?)

Being that I’m not one to give up, I reluctantly continued my ruthless self-promotion and literally posted on each individual page of my 1200 or so Facebook “friends” in hopes that they would vote.  I also enlisted others to promote me on their pages and through other avenues.  I also did a little bit more on some other sites as well. Now I did get booted out of a Linked In group that I contributed to, so it’s possible that I annoyed some people in the process and if so, I apologize, but I had a goal in mind and nothing will stop me from giving it 100%.

Buried Treasure

There were two unexpected rewards birthed out of this competition.

First, I received so many wonderful comments about my blog that it was touching, encouraging and humbling for me, and I thank those who commented and voted. You rock!

Secondly, I “friended” (not an actual word) 50 to 100 more people due to this excursion.  Whether they were friends of friends, sales professionals or my fellow top ten nominees, my spider web increased.

Angry Birds

We all have the ability to reach hundreds, if not tens of thousands of people with the advent of social media. But is everyone getting their money’s worth?

If someone is investing their time into Farmville, Mafia Wars, Angry Birds or whatever the latest game is, or following tweets from the likes of Charlie Sheen, what return does that bring them? Some call it entertainment I suppose, but what happens is that the time flies by and they realize they’ve accomplished next to nothing.  Personally, I’m a fan of the type of entertainment that enriches your life (concerts, books, movies, plays, and even some TV lol) and I’m not condemning anyone, they’re free to do what they choose, because after all, it’s their life. But if they aren’t content or feel unsuccessful, then maybe they should take it upon themselves to rethink their strategy.

So here are a few questions:

  1. Is spending time leisurely on the computer, being imprisoned by a cell phone or watching TV really what people dream of doing?
  2. Do you they feel at all fulfilled by it? Is true entertainment or is it a way to escape?
  3. Why not use the available tools to their advantage and invest that time where it brings an even more substantial reward, by increasing their relationships and even their income? This way they’re more likely to be able to afford that often talked about trip to Italy, and hey, while there they can engage in some real mafia wars!

We can use Social Media to our advantage to promote whatever helps us in a career, helps us to gain exposure, or helps us to raise awareness and funds for a charity or anything that has a greater return or a positive impact on our lives or the lives of others, so why would anyone use these amazing tools to share something like this?

“hates his Building Manager to death. Stupid useless piece of . . . !”

I’ve personally never played nor have I even seen Angry Birds, but this person certainly sounds like one. And yes, that’s an actual Facebook post (no, not one of my friends). I’ll admit when I first became a Facebook member I got sucked in, and spent a ton of time on it, and sometimes I still do but . . .

  • What if we spent more of our time networking, learning, sharing ideas, seeking or creating opportunities?
  • What if we launched a business and decided to invest our time into promoting it, relentlessly?

Then those actions would have to produce positive results, wouldn’t they? It worked for me with a blog contest that lasted just a few days, therefore effort always yields results. If you put effort into playing a game, you will get better at it. If you put effort in building a life and legacy, you will become successful at that also.

There is no Competition, just Creativity

Instead of the top ten bloggers being super competitive, we encouraged one another and shared ideas as well as the strategies we were using to get results. We formed a camaraderie. Even though we were competing, we all understand that this goes beyond us, beyond the blog contest and that we’re all interconnected and always dependent upon others for success.

More than likely you already have some sort of network in place.  Tap into it.  Nurture it. Do a little bit more and you’ll receive a whole lot more.

That is Sowing and Reaping

And the funny part is that the reward usually exceeds the effort, as I witnessed first hand with this blog contest. In fact, aside from the benefits I mentioned above, I cannot possibly know what additional benefits will occur down the road, just from the very act of  connecting with all of these great new people.

Start nurturing your network and design your life on your terms. And speaking of sowing and reaping, please show some love to my new friends, the rest of the top ten winners, in return, they will encourage you.

  1. Lashaun Dale
  2. Jaki Bent
  3. Joanna Ekton
  4. Anne Perry
  5. Rasheed Bustamam
  6. Stephenie Zamora
  7. Sue Urda
  8. Kimberly Olsen
  9. Niclas Timmerby

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
1.855.832.ROCK (7625)

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17 Responses to Walking in a Spider Web (The Power of Networking)

  1. Rasheed says:

    Great post Rob! I agree, a lot of people seem to be comfortably numb, living in their every day struggle against the world, wondering why things never go their way. They don’t understand that things will never “go their way” if they don’t make things go their way! Also, it doesn’t help that people secretly like to be pitied and so complain about how terrible their lives are.

    Secondly, congratulations to all of us (well, besides me, because I can’t congratulate myself!) on getting the top ten! And congratulations to all of the top sixty as well! In fact, I’d like to give a pat on the back to each person who dared to go against the odds and submit a blog entry in the first place! It is not easy to create a blog post that teaches other people to commit to make a change in their lives… yet more than five hundred people wanted to contribute to this cause!

    Even though only the top ten were recognized in the end, and really, only one in the very end, every single person who submitted an entry needs to know that the world needs more people like you. It needs more people who are willing to take action, as Rob says in this elegant post, people who are willing to stand up against the odds and reach out towards their destiny.

    And I’ll stop typing now before I post a blog post within a comment! LOL


  2. Sandy Skeens says:

    Thanks Rob for including me in the network. I had an awesome time and believe that I am a product of you guys (Rasheed included) doing exactly what you described. At one point, Facebook bogged me down. A good many of my friends were using it to play those crazy mindless games that literally suck you in and keep you bound. You become no good to anyone including your family because you have to grow or harvest a crop, cook a meal, kill a varment, etc.. I had originally set up an account to bring encouragement to people’s lives and that was lost for a while. Last summer, I got back to my original purpose and then of course have been growing, expanding, and realizing what a valuable tool it can be to help people, organize volunteers for community service, pray for people, and every now and then bring just the right word at just the right time that will change someone’s life for the good forever. Just maybe the next time a contest like this happens, I might enter myself. You rock Rob and all the rest of those that stepped out and entered the contest.


  3. robliano says:

    this is excellent additional insight and I love how we can share and expand on ideas as well.

    And yes, we rock!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Now after reading your and Anne’s story, I feel like I should join the “lessons learned from brian tracy contest” club. Heehee :). Keep rockin’

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  6. Mindi says:

    Congratulations on reaching the top ten. It should be no surprise to anyone who knows you. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with the many people who can benefit from it the most. YOU rock!

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  8. Anne Perry says:

    Rob! I love this. Great humor (i.e. bang head here) mixed in with wise insights (“the reward exceeds the effort”) mixed with your rockstar personality! Honored to call you a friend.

    • robliano says:

      Thanks so much Anne, I’m sure that you can definitely appreciate the “bang head here” part ; )-

      I too am blessed to have you in my life!

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