Finding Your Voice . . . by overcoming obstacles

Jon Sheptock was born in New Jersey, in 1976.

His birth mother made the difficult decision to hand him over to the state.

After 6 months, he was adopted by Joanne and Rudy (Sheptock) who created a home for unwanted children.

With that,  Jon suddenly had 36 siblings.

With Arms Wide Open

We all face some form of adversity in our lives, but would being given up for adoption stop Jon? Well, there’s more to the story, much more.

  • He started singing at the age of 3.
  • He has a tremendous faith in God, a lovely wife and three beautiful daughters.
  • He released two CD’s of which he co wrote much of the material.
  • He has performed live across the country.

Oh, and did I mention that Jon was born without arms?

Even though Jon has no arms he has touched more people than most of us. Because his heart and his courage cannot be contained. He found his voice and hasn’t stopped since.

For more information about Jon please visit his website, but keep in mind that this message is not about Jon, it’s about you.

Sing, Sing, Sing

It’s obvious that Jon has what most consider a handicap, the question is, do you have one? If you do, is there a way that you can overcome it? Helen Keller and Bill Porter did, so why couldn’t you?

If you don’t have a handicap, then what are you waiting for?

Have you found your voice? Have you acted on it? If you don’t have anything holding you back other than yourself, then you might be making excuses. Excuses aren’t very fulfilling and deep down in your heart and soul, even if others believe your excuses (which they usually don’t) do you actually believe them?

People make excuses because they aren’t happy or fulfilled and don’t want to take responsibility for where they are or what they’ve become. Don’t complain and remain, begin and win!

Fly Like an Eagle

This may seem like a harsh reality check, but this is a check that you must cash.

I want you to feel inspired. You are born with a purpose, you’re meant to soar and to dream big. You have it in you to change “impossible” to “I’m possible” so go for it.

I’ll let John have the last word on this one, enjoy!

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
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About Rob Liano

The Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer, Rob Liano is a best selling author and a Certified Life Coach empowering others through Personal Development & Professional Achievement!
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13 Responses to Finding Your Voice . . . by overcoming obstacles

  1. Rasheed says:

    Inspirational as always, Rob. It’s amazing how people with physical disadvantages sometimes have mental advantages over us!!

  2. Jaki Bent says:

    Brilliant post – yet again 🙂 Love it where you say ‘Don’t complain and remain, begin and win!’

  3. What a great article today Rob! This one was poignant, some could have an a-ha moment. The finale tied up your sentiment very well!

  4. Sal Palisi says:

    Definately was an impressive “understatement” article.Some people are certainly amazing individuals,for sure.I just enjoyed Jons Talent,once you digest his accomplishments,GREAT.Was impossible changed to I’m possible your phrase,because that surely touched me.SAL

    • robliano says:

      Sal, thanks man, I heard that expression from a pastor years ago and it hit me the other day so I cannot take credit, but I always take cash!!! ; )-

  5. Sal Palisi says:

    Hey Rob,some things bear repeating,thats for sure.I have been jotting things down for years because at my age I tend to forget too much as it is.I do it when I read poetry and then later write something.I may never of written an original poem,lol

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