I Saw the Signs

This summer I was driving through Virginia en route to Atlanta. At one point the road painted itself into a gorgeous landscape of mountains. It was picturesque.

Then  I saw a sign that caught my attention, it said “falling rocks.”

Rock and Roll

My first thought was “what’s the purpose of that sign?” I can’t take my eyes off of the road and stare upward just to try to avoid any falling rocks, can I?


Even if I did see one headed towards me it’s not like I would be able to swerve over into oncoming traffic, veer into the lane next to me or jam on the brakes to avoid the rocks would I?


Maybe the sign is there so that if I get hit with a falling rock I don’t have a right to blame mother nature because hey, I was warned wasn’t I? My point is this. If I’m doing 50 or 60 miles an hour and a rock comes flying at me, there’s not much I can do, sign or no sign.


Often when I drive I take some detours so that I can explore a little, and on this particular trip I stumbled upon a natural stone bridge. While walking through the trails I saw this sign.

This one is much more beneficial. I can simply look at the bridge, and if it’s flooded, I won’t cross. I’ll wait until the situation gets better. It’s up to me to assess the risk and decide if I want to move forward, and when.


On that very same trail I encountered a sign that in this case made things crystal clear.

Everyone knows what yellow caution tape means and even though I really wanted to see the cave that was across the bridge, I declined, because taking that risk could do much more harm than good.

Signs of Life

How do these signs pertain to our lives?

Falling Rocks: How often are there circumstances that we can do nothing about until they happen? And even then, most often we can only endure.

Warnings: We also see signs in both our business and personal life that suggest we think before we act, yet very often we haphazardly proceed anyway. Just breath, assess the situation, then decide what direction makes sense. Whether you follow the warning signs or not, they are usually there.

Caution: When we see the yellow caution signs that scream “proceed at your own risk” it’s up to us to listen.

Are you ignoring the signs?

One last thing. When driving on a parkway or highway we’ve all seen signs that say “road work 1 mile” and with that you’ll also see a sign that significantly lowers the speed limit.

This tells us that when you’re fixing something . . . slow down. Take your time and you’ll get through it more safely and effectively.

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
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6 Responses to I Saw the Signs

  1. Jaki Bent says:

    Another great blog Rob. Strange but at the moment ‘signs’ just keep cropping up and all with the same message! I need to heed the signs that I can do something about and forget the rest!!!

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  4. Nice analogy, this was great!

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