Shop Until You . . . Reach Your Goals!

In keeping with the theme of new years resolutions, did you know that there’s a simple formula that will allow most anyone to achieve their goals?

You may not realize it but everyone has successfully set and accomplished goals, including you!

Milk and Eggs

Have you ever gone shopping for groceries? Do you realize that as long as you do it correctly, food shopping  is a great example of achieving goals?

Before you go to the store, what do you do?  You write out a list of things that you need. This way when you travel to the store, you’re able to ensure that you seek out what’s on the list, so you can get in and get out and voila, success!

It’s simple and effective and I realized that it’s something we were taught as children. Does a Christmas or holiday gift/wish list ring a bell? That too was goal setting. So where is your wish list now that you’re an adult? Writing a list is the key to achieving every goal that you may desire.  First define the goal and then plot out the course you must take to ‘shop’ for that goal.

“An average person with average talents and ambition and average education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear, focused goals.”  ~Mary Kay Ash

Now remember, I said as long as you do it right. If you don’t have a list and you go to the grocery store, what happens?

  1. You buy things you don’t need.
  2. You waste a bunch of time wandering the aisles hoping to see a reminder of what you need.
  3. You shop, pay and leave the store only to realize that you forgot something, and that’s usually the minute you reach your home.

This is all because you were basically winging it, hoping to get all you that needed.

Invest Meant

In order for your food shopping trip to be a success you first have to take the time to write things down. Then the next step is to go to the store with the list.  It cannot happen as successfully any other way. You have to put time in first, in order to have a successful outcome. It’s simple sowing and reaping.

“It’s like the man who stands in front of the stove and says to it: “Give me heat and then I’ll add the wood. … We’ve got to put the fuel in before we can expect heat”
~Earl Nightingale

When it comes to any goal, whether it’s success at your job or losing weight, if you expect to achieve something without first investing time in the plan, you’ll usually experience some type of setback or even failure. Stop trying to hit lotto and start planning to create the future you desire. Make your own luck. Act on the plan.


An itinerary is “A planned route or journey.” (Journey, get it? he he)

If you have a chosen a goal (or several) first take a few moments (as much time as you need) to formulate a plan and then each day follow the steps that will bring you closer to reaching that goal. Just like that GPS system I mentioned last week. You can trust that you’ll have more confidence and arrive at your destination safely, with a lot less stress.

Just follow the plan and stay focused on the destination. As they say, start with the end in mind. What outcome do you want and how can you make it happen?

“The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and then focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.”  ~Denis Waitley

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
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9 Responses to Shop Until You . . . Reach Your Goals!

  1. Sandy Skeens says:

    Are you reading my mind again? Did you know that God starts everything with the end in mind? He sees the outcome and then works the plan He wrote. His plans also never fail and He never deviates from the plan. That is quite motivating for me on this Journey.

    One of my best friends is always emphasizing the need to write it down, no matter what it is so that our thought process can stay focused and we can organize for the best results.

    Ok Rob, you always ROCK and thanks for helping me on my Journey (lol)…..which also rocks by the way.

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