If you could . . .

Jim Rohn was one of the most influential motivational teachers of all time. He passed away on December 5th, 2009, but his legacy will live on forever. He has influenced my life for the better so I wanted to share one of his many insights that inspired me.

I heard Jim Rohn say, “If you could, shouldn’t you?”

I think it’s an amazing eye opener and proof that we can become much better at what we do, as long as we realize it and then, of course, act on it. It makes simple and perfect sense if we explore how it could be utilized in our careers and life. I started to think where I could apply this thinking and it has virtually no limits.

  1. If you could know your business better, shouldn’t you?
  2. If you could help more people, shouldn’t you?
  3. If you could offer better service, shouldn’t you?
  4. If you could be a better friend, parent, or student, shouldn’t you?
  5. If you could learn more sales insights and techniques, shouldn’t you?
  6. If you could follow up more, shouldn’t you?
  7. If you could read and grow more, shouldn’t you?
  8. If you could manage your time better, shouldn’t you?
  9. If you could exercise more, shouldn’t you?
  10. If you could define your goals and map out steps to achieve them, shouldn’t you?
  11. If you could overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs, shouldn’t you?
  12. If you could love more, shouldn’t you?
  13. If you could waste less time, shouldn’t you?

What else can you come up with that’s personal to you?

There are probably several more of these questions that can relate to every aspect of our lives, so I hope this gets you to thinking, because thought can lead to action and action leads to change. Instead of remaining and being reactive, you’ll be gaining and being proactive.

Here’s something else to think about . . .

If you could, why aren’t you?

Rob Liano
Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer
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About Rob Liano

The Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer, Rob Liano is a best selling author and a Certified Life Coach empowering others through Personal Development & Professional Achievement!
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