Complaint Department

Is there anything beneficial about complaining?

If you complain that you might be experiencing some sort of physical ailment, then that could lead to getting it taken care of, as long as you go to the doctor. If you complain that the server at a restaurant is terrible, it could prompt the owner to improve the service.

If you complain that you dislike your job, your life, or your spouse, and yet you do nothing to improve those conditions, well, that’s not very beneficial.

Ground Control

Most people complain and remain, forgetting that their choices and actions are pivotal to their own lives.  They act as if they have no control whatsoever.  But they do, we all do, at least to some extent.  Even Holocaust victims had control over their thoughts, and those thoughts made a difference in whether or not they survived. If you aren’t enduring something as horrific as the Holocaust, then it’s safe to say that you’re in a pretty good position to start changing things right now, so that you can enjoy a better life. You just need to act.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh my aching back” every single day? I have, and when we get to talking, I find out that they usually don’t do a thing about making it better.  Maybe they take a pain killer of some sort or put a back brace on now and then, but rarely do they do anything consistently to make it better.  No stretching or strengthening, nothing.

The only thing complaining without positive action will accomplish is that for a little while people will empathize with you, but then they usually get tired of hearing it.  Who wants to endure a person that always complains? That can be very draining on those around them. It’s also sad when you care about someone and all they do is complain and remain.

Misguided Enthusiasm

Complaining means you are not allowing yourself to enjoy some or all of the joyful things that are in your life, because you are focusing on the negative instead of the positive. If your back hurts, at least you’re not hospitalized; if you are hospitalized, at least you’re not dead. You have an opportunity to get better or do better as long as you are breathing and as long as you seize it.

“Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy”
~Benjamin Franklin

Are you even venting to someone who can help make things better?  The other day I overheard someone complaining about his boss.  And right off the bat he mentioned he won’t say anything to the boss, so how can someone like that be surprised if it remains unresolved? How can it ever get resolved if you don’t direct your energy towards the source of your discomfort? And then what’s the point of complaining? That’s the million-dollar question.  If you are just complaining to anyone who will listen, it’s not with intent to make things better; it’s to either to throw a pity party or to feel justified. Neither really accomplishes anything because you rarely feel better when the situation remains the same. And you don’t actually feel better when people feel bad for you. You’ll feel better when you decide to take action to make things better.

“This life is not for complaint, but for satisfaction”

~Henry David Thoreau

Do you want to have fun at parties? Here’s a great question to ask someone when you hear them complaining:

What exactly are you going to do to make it better?

Rob Liano
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