Rise and Shine

Rise and shine. A simple and quite common phrase. But what if we paused, and took some time to go beyond the surface to think about what it really means?

Obviously rising in this sense means to wake up, get up, get moving or get out of bed. Okay, I’ll admit that sometimes it feels like the simple act of rising is an accomplishment in itself, but we already have that one down. It’s a habit, no matter how reluctantly, we eventually do get going.

It seems that the tricky part is when, after we rise, we are asked to shine.

Let the Sun Shine

Originally this phrase meant to “get out of bed and prepare for work” but I think it’s time for the dawn of a new day and it can be as easy as opening the blinds, metaphorically speaking.

  • Are you prepared to face the day with confidence?
  • Are you excelling at your job?
  • Are you putting forth the effort into having a great family as possible?
  • Are you really giving it 100%, in all aspects of your life?
  • Are you truly shining?

If you are rising but not shining, you’re choosing to allow a mere flicker to light your path. If your shine barely illuminates the way to the bathroom, it cannot light the path to a successful life. Not only is this not the lifestyle you were intended for, but by accepting a dim, dull life you are telling other people that it’s okay to just go through the motions.

It’s no longer a time to settle, instead it’s a time to strive. And when you choose to shine as brightly as possible, it will inspire others to do the same.

One candle can light hundreds more without diminishing its own flame.

As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.
~Marianne Williamson

Sleeping Beauty

Can you imagine this? Your alarm goes off and rather than wanting to smash your clock with a sledgehammer, you jump out of bed energized and excited to start the day? Or, you wake up before your alarm goes off, and low and behold, you’re not disgruntled by it?

If this seems completely absurd, then you need to think back to a time when this happened to you. It could be a childhood memory of the morning of a holiday, or before the first day of school or maybe the first day of recess, or every single day during the summer! You may have even felt this excitement as an adult, maybe in anticipation of a long awaited vacation, starting a new job or going to see your favorite band celebrating their reunion tour.

How does this phenomenon happen? It happens because you were looking forward to something that was exciting! The crazy thing is that it’s quite possible that as a child you didn’t even have a real reason to be excited, you just were, because every day was an adventure. You may have had no plans, nothing to really look forward to other than the day itself. Where has that passion gone?

Wake up! You were born to soar, not to snore.
~Rob Liano

So there have been times that you rose and shined. You had the feeling that you could conquer the world and it propelled you out of bed like a triple shot espresso latte from Starbucks. And if you couldn’t conquer the world, then the world would still be waiting tomorrow. There was no discouragement, only discovery.

Well, what happened to cause you to lose that spark? Whatever the reason is, you can choose to use find that spark and light a fire. You do not have to hide under an umbrella expecting a cloudy day, instead, put your sunglasses on.

The Future’s so Bright

The past is done, learn from it and move on. The future is a blank page in which you can write your latest story. Grab a pen and get started. To get that spark back, think about what excites you and set goals! They could be focused on your business, your relationships or be personal, no matter how frivolous, write them down. You should start to feel a sense of excitement when you allow yourself to dream again.

The next step is to act on that dream! We have this unique ability to dream while we’re awake, to create in our minds and then to achieve it in our lives, but only if we act on it.

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.
~Douglas H. Everett

Decide this very moment to do something you love, ignite a lost passion, start that business, go to Europe or start a hobby that excites you. Every day can be a fresh start, so stop settling for being one of the walking dead and instead be a living example of a guiding light.

Start living the life you deserve, the one that will inspire others. Rise and shine every day!

Rob Liano
Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer
855.832.ROCK (7625)

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About Rob Liano

The Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer, Rob Liano is a best selling author and a Certified Life Coach empowering others through Personal Development & Professional Achievement!
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