Dream Weaver

RIP Zig, see you at the top!

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it.
~Zig Ziglar

I always looked forward to receiving Zig Ziglar’s newsletter* in my email. They are chock full of great information. This time was different. The information was still on point but there was a pleasant surprise in this particular edition.

It hit home like no other because it was about my cousin, who at one time was quite famous. His professional name is Charles Atlas, the 97 pound weakling who transformed himself into a world famous body builder.

While my body doesn’t look exactly like his, there may be a connection to why I wore leopard spandex as an aspiring rock drummer in the 80’s, hmmm ; )=

The email from Zig is meant to be inspiring and it is. However, Zig omitted one major component of Charles Atlas’ success that weaves the entire story of the newsletter together. I’d like to share Zig’s take on my cousin and afterward, I’ll add the very interesting part that illustrates the power of goals and vision with deadly accuracy.

You Mean That’s a Real Man?

by Zig Ziglar

Around the turn of the century, a tour guide was giving some underprivileged youngsters a tour of the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  Close to the entrance, there was a magnificent statue which was identified as one of the Greek gods.  The guide explained that the model for the statue had been an athlete.  At that point, Angelo Siciliano, a scrawny Italian youngster who probably qualified as the original “97-pound weakling,” exclaimed in astonishment, “You mean there was a man who really looked like that?” The tour guide assured him that yes, there really was.

Later in the tour the guide realized that one of the youngsters was missing so he retraced his steps and there, gazing at the statue, was little Angelo Siciliano.  As the youngster looked at the statue, he started to dream that if one man could look like that, so could another.

Angelo began inquiring about exercise equipment and even wrote to the companies which produced the equipment.  However, the cost of the equipment was far beyond his financial reach.  This did not dampen Angelo’s enthusiasm, because he was determined to look like that man in the statue.  He started exercising on his own and developed a process called “dynamic tension.”  As a result, his body grew and matured.  As a matter of fact, his body developed so beautifully that eventually he was recognized as having the most perfect body in the world.

By now some of you old-timers might have guessed that I’m talking about Charles Atlas.  Little Angelo Siciliano had dreamed a dream; he had seen the fulfillment.  He made it happen by pursuing that dream and working awfully hard for many years.  Message: When the door closes (no money for exercise equipment), look for the window.  You just might discover your own “dynamic tension.”  Give it a try and I’ll SEE YOU AT THE TOP!

The model for success

If you haven’t guessed it yet, my real last name is also Siciliano (Liano, get it?). So maybe it’s in our DNA to change things up somewhere along the line. Anyway, the one thing that Zig left out was this;

Charles Atlas himself went on to become a male model. He posed for many statues throughout his life, most notably the statue of George Washington in New York’s Washington Square Park, Dawn of Glory in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, and Alexander Hamilton at the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C.

He was voted #43 (of 100) on the Fittest Men of all time in Men’s Health Magazine.

How did he do it? He had a dream, he didn’t let a lack of money stop him, and he worked hard every day. So his vision and goal came to fruition only after he put planning and effort into achieving it. It cannot work any other way. No pain, no gain.

December 2012 marks the 40th anniversary of his death, and yet he lives on in history. Not too bad for a skinny Italian kid with heavy dreams huh? That means there’s hope for you too!

What is your goal? Write it down and get to work on it every day, it’s waiting for you to flex your muscles!

Step by step and the thing is done.
~Charles Atlas

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
1.855.832.ROCK (7625)

*This blog was completed before I heard of Zig’s passing, in a sense, a fitting tribute.

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