Believe it or not?

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.
~ Theodore Roosevelt


Have you have ever read motivational books, or have seen the movie The Secret, or even just listened to an encouraging DVD or a live session and heard someone say “if you believe it, you can achieve it”? They are telling you if you want something badly enough and believe it with all of your might, you can make it so.

One of the times I heard John Maxwell speak he said that this just isn’t true. He asked, what if he wanted to be a ballerina? Could he? Now if you haven’t seen John, he’s a little on the stocky side, so he’s not exactly the usual ballerina type. While his statement may get a laugh, I think that his point that he could not ever be a ballerina is completely wrong.

The truth is that he can become a male ballet dancer, if he wanted to. While he may never be good enough to perform at Lincoln Center, he could take ballet classes and actually learn to dance. If he did that, he may even end up in better condition and able to perform in front of an audience, who knows? I mean he is in his 60s now, but who knows?

Will he be a famous dancer? No, probably not. But here’s my point. Why would John Maxwell ever have such a desire to begin with? The fact is he wouldn’t. That’s not his calling. It’s probably not even a passing fancy. He had other interests that he felt strongly about and he pursued them.

You see, we’re not usually given desires or dreams that we cannot carry out so if you believe it in your heart, you can achieve it!

Sleep Walking

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.
~ Anatole France

You can make your dream a reality. A great example of this is Muggsy Bogues.

At 5’ 3” tall, Muggsy is the shortest player to ever play in the NBA. Think about that, a ”short” basketball player. We can assume that many people told him to forget it, he’d never make it. Right? But he felt in his heart that he could do it, had a passion and worked for it. He thought he could live out that dream, and he did. In fact as of this writing he is the Charlotte Hornets’ career leader in minutes played (19,768), assists (5,557), steals (1,067) and turnovers (1,118).

How does this relate to you?

Would you do something if you thought you would fail? Of course not. So if you accepted a job, you initially had to think you could succeed at it, or you wouldn’t have started.  You had to realize that since other people do it successfully, you could too. No one sets out to be average, or to struggle to get by or completely fail. So if it was a valid opportunity and you thought you could do well at it, well, what’s stopping you?

The economy may be changing, but the opportunity remains for those who are experts in their field. It has always been that way, and will always be that way. The cream rises to the top. Be the cream.

Here’s the takeaway:

Where can you improve? In product or service or expertise? Sales skills? Networking? Social media? Actually working? Whatever it is, get busy and go for it. Set records.

You got this!

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Trainer
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