The Natural

I believe that every person is born with talent.
~ Maya Angelou


Some people seem to be born with natural talent. You know the ones, just gifted with certain abilities in one area or another. But is that God given talent always a one way ticket to fame and fortune?

Not necessarily.

Watching sports often shows us that natural talent is not a guarantee of success. Success goes beyond that. However, the factors that make superstar athletes “super” are the same ones that can also make you a champion.

Perfect Practice

Practice makes perfect. The old adage is still true to this day. Scientific studies have shown that nobody is great without practice. Malcolm Gladwell highlights this in his book Outliers (an incredible book, get it here).

He explains that it takes 10,000 hours of practice in any area to make you a professional. Even if you invested half of that number of hours into studying and honing your craft, your confidence would explode!

And confidence is critical to success.

If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life.
~ Marcus Garvey

Get Ready!

Preparation is the foundation for any level of achievement. Great athletes like  Michael Jordan and the NFL’s Jerry Rice are legendary for their brutal discipline and their commitment to their practice routines. Coincidentally, they’re often – if not always – considered the all best best at their positions.

Does practice alone guarantee success? No. Many people work hard for years without achieving winning results. So is there another key?


I love watching the NFL Network’s Hard Knocks. It’s easy to see those who will fail and those who will succeed, and it’s not always about talent. It’s often about attitude plus desire. This is an actual excerpt I took from an episode that followed the NY Jets through training camp.

Jason Davis was one of several running backs trying to make the team. This is what he said with an annoyed tone to his voice: “T Rich came back, fine. John Connor got drafted, fine. So I’m the other guy. So what? I can care less. I don’t care I haven’t taken reps with the one’s or the two’s, cause I don’t give a (expletive) where I am on the depth chart, I care about what I can control.”

He seems to have forgotten that he can control his attitude. Do you think he made the team? Of course not. He gave up, and when he got cut from the team he went on to say that he’s a full time fullback, “if they don’t see that, fine.” That made it seem as if he was not responsible for the outcome. He never played in the NFL as of this writing.

Whatever you attempt, if your attitude sucks, so will you.
~ Rob Liano

The Flip Side

In the same episode we hear another player:

“A lot of guys are gonna look into numbers, how many are at this position, how many are at that position. You can’t do that otherwise your mind can go crazy, all you can do is  . . .  do what you can on every single play to make the team and when it comes to the cut day, things are going to work themselves out.”

That statement was made by Danny Woodhead. At 5’ 9” he’s not considered the prototypical football player, but he made the team that year. He’s currently still playing for the San Diego Chargers. Not bad, right?  Well, his attitude wasn’t bad either.

Just do it!

When you combine the right attitude, deliberate practice and focus your efforts on improving key performance areas, you can’t help but get better.

You will make progress towards your goal.

Keep in mind that most of your competition won’t be doing whatever it takes to be the best, so you only have to create that extra edge which will put you over the top.

He who stops being better, stops being good.
~ Oliver Cromwell

Rob Liano
Rock Star Life Coach & Sales Strategist
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3 Responses to The Natural

  1. Tim Mushey says:

    Wow just loved this post Rob! Great quotes, and fantastic perspective… We can all learn a lot from your message. Enjoy the rest of your week…

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