Putting the FUN Back in the Fundamentals

web-desing-fundamentalsAre you struggling with your career or relationship? Maybe it’s just not fun anymore? Over time, almost anything can become mundane.

What if you could get excited again and harness that excitement to give yourself a kick in the . . . aspirations?

Well, no matter what it is that you want to improve upon, you can, with this quick tip.

Remember your first day at a new job, that first date or a new opportunity you took on? Remember the excitement and anticipation that you felt? Whether it was thoughts of romance or success, it energized you didn’t it? The sky was the limit!

Did that feeling help you to succeed, stay encouraged, or persevere? I’m willing to bet that it did. That’s the fun part of the fundamentals.

Much like the foundation of a building, fundamentals act as the essential structure for you to build your life upon. Excitement and enthusiasm are integral parts of that foundation. A “gung-ho” attitude propelled you through on the job training, planning a first date or two, or taking hold of whatever you pursued and you made the most of it. That mindset can still be a valuable asset to your personal and business success right now.

The Good Old Days

Everyone gets pumped up about an exciting new idea or opportunity; we dive in headfirst and exclaim, “I got this!”  But what happens after the initial success? We lose some–or even all–of our enthusiasm because we experience some minor failure or disappointment.  That can be fatal, but only if you allow it to be.  So it is imperative that we recapture that exuberance and apply it going forward.

  • Remember when you looked forward to going to work, and arrived early?
  • Remember how often you worked late in order to show your employer (or yourself) that you were a go-getter?
  • Remember when you were constantly speaking, texting or emailing someone you were interested in?
  • Remember when you stayed after practice to get better at a sport?
  • Remember when you were excited to impress the boss, yourself or even your friends and family?

What’s the common denominator in all of this? You invested your attention into it and the results were positive! Well it’s time you got fired up again, because that will help to improve any area of your life, and when it comes to your career, getting fired up will always be better than getting fired.

Choose Wisely

It’s safe to say that you originally believed you would be successful or you probably wouldn’t have tried in the first place. If the opportunity is the same and the person you gushed about is primarily the same, what changed?

It’s highly likely that your attitude changed. You shifted into a so called “comfort zone” because you no longer had to prove yourself. Perhaps it’s not the only answer, but a positive attitude can be a major factor in what has now become a less than desirable relationship or career.  So, go for it.

Get Back

Try this technique: when you return to work or plan a night out with your spouse or partner, act as if it was your first day or date, meaning relive all of the enthusiasm that went along with the initial feelings of your shiny new toy. Be proactive. Take initiative. Ask questions and listen intently to the answers. Focus on learning about this person or opportunity again.  You’d be surprised at what you might have forgotten or possibly never knew, regardless of how much time you’ve invested.

What happens after we have a good experience? We stay excited and can’t wait to do it again, and now the sky’s the limit!

Fortune Favors the Bold

I’ve often heard people say “well that’s easier said than done” but is it really? It might seem easier to say something than to actually do it. However, by making the statement that it’s easier said than done, it’s usually because your feelings of frustration and discouragement have taken over and left you struggling with disappointment or even failure, and that’s NOT easy.

Achieving success is a challenge, and so is struggling, so you might as well choose success.

Decide right now to show up early, put forth more effort, have a positive attitude and start fresh. It’s a new day and a new opportunity. Act as if your job or your life depends upon on your success, because if it doesn’t yet, it just might some day. And that can happen sooner than you think.

To your success!

Rob Liano
Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Strategist
1.855.832.ROCK (7625)

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About Rob Liano

The Rock Star Success Coach & Sales Trainer, Rob Liano is a best selling author and a Certified Life Coach empowering others through Personal Development & Professional Achievement!
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