The following  is a handful of the kind words I’ve received in return for encouraging others in their pursuit of success and happiness.

Working with Rob Liano was one of the best “gifts”I gave to myself. Rob worked with me in the capacity of a Coach helping me really find out where my strengths lied and aligning them with my vision for a new business. He helped me put together an outline of how I wanted my new program and my life to look. His expertise is in helping you to “think bigger” and realize that your “dream life” whatever that means to you, is possible. He is supportive, creative, and knowledgeable and helped me to open my mind to a variety of new possibilities.

Holly Zucker

So I’m on the train from New York to D.C. for a job interview. THE job interview. The one I’ve been waiting for my entire life. As fast as the train is moving, it can’t keep up with my heart rate. Despite all my attempts to keep busy, the enormity of the situation is creeping up on me and the task at hand is becoming more daunting by the mile. Doubts start entering my mind. Can I pull this off? Is this whole move a good idea? What if I screw it up?

The phone rings and it’s my wife. She can instantly tell that the calm and confidence I had in the morning was gone, replaced with agitation and indecision.

She says, “keep the phone nearby, I’m going to have Rob give you a call.”

5 minutes later Rob called and within 15 short minutes Rob had returned me to a state of confidence and almost zen-like calmness. He didn’t do it with magic words or pumped up rhetoric. He spoke to me. He asked me questions that got me to think for myself. He made me evaluate the situation on my own terms, so that the conclusions I would arrive at came from my own mindset. I don’t want to play it down because there is a great deal of skill required to make another person come to terms with something, on their own terms, but the beauty of it all was in it’s quiet simplicity and intuitiveness. Knowing what makes a person weak and finding the frame of mind to push it aside. Knowing what is a waste of energy and replacing it with focus. This is what makes Rob the master life coach that he is.

I landed the job, my family is the the process of moving to a beautiful suburb in Maryland where the quality of life is outstanding and the schools are top notch. I’ve doubled my pay and now I manage a major department for one of the most distinguished international organizations in the world.

Thank you, Rob Liano.

Marc Gershuny

Rob came in to speak with my department at Estee Lauder on innovation, creativity, time management, and work ethic. Rob was able to make an impression on everyone in the department. Each person took something different away from his presentation.

Jill Hilton CPP
Estee Lauder

The following quotes are feedback from some of my colleagues:

“I enjoyed the presentation yesterday and I really liked how Rob broke down how he organizes his 24 hour day and worked backwards from sleeping, commuting, working and then how to manage and maximize the hours you are left with to work on your goals!”

“It was nice to have a regular guy (like us) come in and talk to us about how making simple changes can affect your life. I have heard most of what he said before however you get caught up in life and forget. This is was a great reminder!”

“I called in and his personality shined through the phone. I didn’t get bored once and stayed focus on what he was saying. I wish I could have been there in person.”

“He was very engaging and relatable. I liked the fact that he related our everyday habits & thought methods to how we can better develop ourselves as valuable employees.”

“Rob was a great guy. I think he knew we were a pretty savvy group and had a lot of knowledge, but he did make a good point about “what would I give up or sacrifice” to reach my goals?”

“Thank you for bringing Rob in to speak with us. He’s just what we needed….a breath of fresh air. I sincerely enjoyed his motivational seminar. He knew how to keep me interested in the topic of discussion with his sense of humor, and by getting to the point without so many examples. He kept it real, short and sweet.”

“I enjoyed this session…I found the energy held throughout the talk..it was upbeat, amusing, interesting and reminded me that “it’s never too late” to invest in yourself.”

I’ve seen Rob teach and present first-hand, and I can say that every time he speaks, he brings wisdom, knowledge and enthusiasm to his audiences. And better yet, I’ve seen how his audiences respond to him.

Michael Beck
Executive Coach

Rob Liano’s visit to PS/IS 66 was a breath of fresh air for my staff.
Teachers enjoyed Rob’s unique humorous approach to professional
development and walked away with new ideas on an old subject – positive
attitude, passion and success.

On the whole, teachers felt rejuvenated and optimistic to do their
personal best for the new school year.  It was a great way to start the
year off.

He had a natural ability to ‘read the room’ and address individual strengths. It is obvious to me that there is a calling for Rob’s work in schools with administrators, teachers, parents and students.

Lucille Jackson
Principal, PS/IS 66

A mid-year reflection on the impact of Mr. Liano’s work:

“I remember hanging onto his every word. I started to feel so positive about myself. I began reflecting on my relationships both personal and professional. I’m ready for another pep talk!”

“He was charismatic and relatable. I liked his message about integrity.”

“He left me feeling very positive and wanting to work even harder.”

“Mr. Liano’s humor, wisdom and attitude cannot be compared with other motivational speakers. He renewed my passion for teaching.

“I’ve been trying to use Rob’s theory on time management in all aspects of my life.”

Rob Liano you’re a champion! What I respect about you the most is your commitment to helping people achieve massive results, even if there is not a tangible benefit in it for you. that is a sign of a true mentor, friend and LEADER!


Nathan Curran
Owner at GoCnate

Hello Rob, thank you for creating our foundation and giving us coaching and confidence.

Michael Wilhelm
Trusted Senior Specialists

It’s quite evident that all who take part in your trainings and read your daily blog will emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Your innovative techniques, along with your brilliant insights, will certainly make them great.

Valerie L

Rob is not just another motivational speaker that you run into at sales meetings. He’s a common sense speaker that makes you think, with easy to apply concepts that work. His approach to speaking is with excellent examples that you will remember when you are in the field. His approach creates a thought provoking concept of success. Rob is a gifted speaker that you never get tired of listening to.

Jerry Wisniewski CPP
Signature Agent at USA Benefits Group

Great information Rob. You have an incredible work ethic and a wealth ofknowledge. It’s a pleasure to be able to learn from you.

Derek T

Rob is a great communicator. I love the way he can take a complex concept and explain it so everyone “gets it”. We have worked together on a couple projects, and Rob is always upbeat, organized and ready to rock!

Peggy Ireland

Rob is a positive upbeat person. He also knows his stuff. You can’t help but like him and learn!

Stu Z

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