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Sometimes ya gotta eat

Anyone who knows me pretty well knows what a great influence my Father has been on me. When I was 18, he and some other old timers taught me how to sell vacuums, door to door, and yes I mean … Continue reading

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Fund Raising your Sales!

We’ve all seen these fundraiser thermometers haven’t we? It’s a simple and fun way to chart the progress of a charity or organization in their quest for raising necessary or desired funds. Everyone can visually see if they’re reaching their … Continue reading

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Do Your Homework – Part 1

Do you recall when you were in school and your parents would say something along the lines of this? “Do your homework, then you can go out and play with your friends.” This was teaching you a valuable lesson that … Continue reading

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So you wanna be star?

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to be successful, to be star in their field. And anyone can be a star, just take a look at some reality shows. So the question is, why aren’t you “a … Continue reading

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